equine bowen therapist
and saddle fitter
What is Equine Bowen Therapy and how can it help?

Equine Bowen is the equine form of the Bowen Technique which is used on people to promote healing and restore structural balance. All qualified Equine Bowen Therapists must first have qualified as Human Bowen Therapists.

It is ideal for the horse, as Bowen Therapy is a form of muscle release which is gentle and non-invasive. When the musculo-skeletal frame is misaligned , or in spasm, the horse is unable to work at its full potential. Equine Bowen Therapy also works to address the whole central nervous system, congested kidneys (build up of toxins), the lymphatic system and it also supports a healthy immune system.

Signs That a Horse Could Benefit From Equine Bowen treatment:

Loss of performance
Resistance and sudden change in temperament
Stiffness/one-sidedness when worked
Back problems, cold or sore backs
Poor immunity
Recent trauma to the musculo-skeletal frame from a slip, fall, injury
being cast etc
Unlevelness, disunited gait or irregular action
Horses in hard work or those being competed regularly

The Treatment

The practitioner uses his fingers and thumbs on precise points on the
horses body and applies a rolling action affecting the muscles,
ligaments and tendons. During the treatment there are short intervals
where the horse is left to rest and this is when the body absorbs the
information being given in the gentle moves, allowing fine adjustments
to take place.

No manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue takes place. A treatment
normally takes 45 minutes and two to three sessions at weekly
intervals are usually sufficient to achieve lasting relief. Top up
sessions can then be taken as and when to maintain good health.

Norman qualified as an Equine Bowen practitioner. ( first qualifying in
human Bowen therapy). He also practises Reiki and Reflexology and has attended courses in equine Shiatsu and Tellington Touch Therapy, combining the various therapies to suit the horses needs. He work with all animals,(cats, dogs and even humans) but specialises in horses.

Equine Bowen practitioners will also take into account fit of tack,
foot balance, teeth care , groundwork, ridden exercises and possible
stretch/mobilisation exercises as part of an aftercare program to
rehabilitate the horse

The Equine Bowen Therapy training brought Norman to understand that there is more to a saddle than meets the eye! This led him to "The Saddle Company" (the makers of high quality saddles), to train as a Saddle Fitter under the expert guidance of Master Saddler, David Johnson. David has over 40 years experience and is based in Walsall, Birmingham, traditional home of the saddle industry.

It is in the interest of the horse, the owner and the Bowen practitioner that every aspect of the horse's well-being is taken into consideration so that the best possible outcome is achieved and the horse can truly benefit.