equine bowen therapist
and saddle fitter

What others have to say:

I have had numerous physical issues with my one horse over the years due to him being a rescue case. He was given the death sentence on more than one occasion and a 'crippled for life' verdict by several vets. Now, not only is he still alive, he is pain free and being ridden again!

Norman has treated my horses with utmost care and with a professional attitude. He is above all kind, caring and interested in each individual case, I would recommend him to anyone.

Patricia Smith (Cardiff UK)

My daughter's pony was becoming less confident in his jumping, and looked very unhappy whenever he saw the saddle. Norman found that the pony had a very sore back and the saddle was twisted! He gave the pony a Bowen Treatment and advised not to ride in the saddle again, also to give him some time off.

Since then he has had another 2 treatments, and the difference in him is amazing. He is once again enjoying his work and is our happy little pony that we love.

I will certainly be using Normans services as a therapist and saddle fitter again.

Mrs Dawn Harrison (Boksburg SA)

Norm first came to visit me and Petra, my horse, in 2006. At the time Petra was an immature 4 year-old with a lot of growing to do. I knew that she would change shape but the saddle I had, at the time, hurt her and I didn't know what to do.

Norm suggested that we try a Saddle Company saddle because they are designed very much with the comfort of the horse in mind, and can be adjusted as the horse changes shape. We took his advice and as Petra has grown and changed shape he's come back, checked the fit and made adjustments as necessary.

When Norm visits he also checks Petra over physically and if he finds any niggles he always gives great advice about things like stretches and groundwork that I can do to help Petra. Last time he came he was really pleased with how she was doing, which was brilliant because I know how fussy Norm is!
On the right, is a recent picture of Petra competing in her Saddle Company event saddle, as fitted & maintained by Norm.

Helen. Sheffield, UK

Norman Hyett, ECBS, ESEBT.
Equine Bowen Therapist and Qualified Saddle Fitter
Norman Hyett has owned horses for the past 25 years. Successfully competing at various disciplines, and spending a number of years helping out at events and on the committee of his local riding club.
He currently owns 5 horses; Kaiser, his retired dressage horse, Barney an Irish Cob, Romulus, a DWB and Wizard and Merlin, two Welsh section C's.

After being treated with the Bowen Technique for a long term shoulder and neck problem with amazing results, Norman decided to receive training in Bowen Therapy.

Initially, he trained as a human Bowen Therapist, and then moved to equine Bowen therapy (he also treats dogs, cats and even a prize ox). He currently specialises in treating the horse and rider, with excellent results.
In working closely with horses, Norman discovered that most problems with horses' backs, are saddle related. He therefore went on to train as a saddle fitter with David Johnson, of The Saddle Company, Walsall U.K. (David is a Master Saddler and has over 40 years experience in the making and fitting of high quality saddles).

Part of Norman's treatment involves checking the current saddle and offering advice on how to rectify any problems that it may be causing the horse and rider.
Norman mainly uses the Bowen method in treatment, but he combines this with other therapies, depending upon the needs of the horse, these include: Equine Reiki, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Massage and the Tellington Touch Technique.

Bowen Therapy is an accepted form of Alternative Therapy that is recommended by Medical Doctors, & covered by the NHS scheme.

i) Norman is a listed, registered member on The British N.H.S. ( National Health Service) Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners. Registration number 2495.
ii) He has a Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology , from the Royal Forest of Dean College, England. Registration number 350961
iii) He is also an Accredited Practitioner, (Advanced Level) in the Bowen Technique, European College of Bowen Studies.

His Equine qualifications include:

iv) He is an accredited Equine Bowen Therapist, (incorporating Equine Holistic Care, Stable Management, Equine Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Behaviour & Tack Fitting)
v) Accupressure; Reiki & Equine Stretch.
vi) Qualified Saddle fitter, with many years experience.